Friday, August 14, 2015

Review: Our Moon by Jennifer L. Allen

Ally Monroe can’t remember her name, let alone the eighteen years of her life before a car accident put her in a year-long coma. She wakes up to the reality that her parents are dead and she has amnesia.

Released from her long-term care facility to live with her twin brother, Alex, and older brother, Trevor, Ally tries to piece together what she can while attempting to live her life again. Enter Chase Baker, guitarist for her brothers’ rock band, JACT. There is something about him that Ally just can’t resist, but the mysteries of her past are looming in the back of her mind, threatening to destroy anything she tries to build with him.

Do Ally and Chase have a chance? Or is there a secret in Ally’s past that may get in the way?

My Review
I really enjoyed reading Our Moon. It was a sweet and clean book that I could not put down once I started it! 

Ally has been in a coma for a year and when she wakes up she doesn't even remember her own name, let alone the fact that both of her parents are dead and that she has two brothers. One who is her twin at that. I cannot even imagine this happening, it would be so sad and scary to wake up and not know who you are even a little. With the help of her brothers and their bandmates Ally tries to navigate her "new" life. 

This is also where Chase enters the picture. Chase is her older brother's best friend and a part of the band. Ally is attracted to him instantly and notices him noticing her. There are certain parts in this book that make it easy to connect the dots but I can see why Ally doesn't. When it all comes full circle though things get complicated. 

I really liked the way this way done in parts, too. It is usually a hit or miss but in this case it worked and was nice to see the different POVs in this way. Part One is after the accident, while Part Two is the before.Chase was a great hero and I really liked him, he was unexpectedly a sweet guy. This book did cause me to get a little teary eyed at some points so maybe have some tissues!

4 STARS!! 

***ARC recieved from the author in exchange for my HONEST review. Thank you!***

About the Author:
I live in South Carolina with my husband and our fur-kids. By day I’m an office manager, and by night I am a student, starting my final semester towards my BA in Psychology. I’ll be starting grad school in the fall. When I’m not at work or taking classes, I am either reading or writing. Books have always been a passion! I also enjoy spending time with my family, traveling to new places, and music.

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