Monday, September 8, 2014

Review: All or Nothing by Kendall Ryan

All or Nothing (Love by Design, #3)

You’ve met Ben Shaw. Now meet Braydon Kincaid, the devil-may-care male model who nearly stole the show in Working It by New York Times bestselling author Kendall Ryan.

As one of the world’s most sought-after male models, Braydon is no stranger to the finer pleasures in life. The last thing he wants to do is limit himself, especially when it comes to women. His best friend, Ben, might’ve settled down, but Braydon doesn’t want to waste his youth on the messy complications of commitment. He wants fun. He wants easy.

Ellie isn’t looking for a casual relationship, but her tough and sassy personality instantly attracts Braydon, who proposes a “friends with benefits” arrangement. Unable to resist the powerful pull of the charming bad boy, Ellie eventually relents, though she longs for all-consuming love.

As the two spend more time together, Ellie soon realizes that Braydon’s posing skills extend off the runway. His carefully crafted fa├žade masks a secret hurt that he’s reluctant to share with Ellie, even as they embark on a passionate affair that sends them hurtling toward a fate neither expected. Can Ellie risk her heart while she waits for Braydon to let her in, or will she be forced to demand all or nothing?

My Review
Ah I really liked Ellie and Braydon's story. I loved Braydon from Emmy and Ben's story, as well as Ellie.

Ellie has sworn off men. They're all assholes anyways. Who needs em? Braydon doesn't do relationships. He's does do casual sex though.
We all know how this is going to pan out, we've all seen this story before. But damn if I love Kendall's take on it! She does it so well and made something that is done so often so uniquely hers. Casual sex never stays casual. Feelings develop and insecurities arise. It's no different for Ellie and Braydon. But Braydon was so different from the typical male leads in these situations. He is the right balance of alpha and sweetheart. He's sexy, cocky and attentive. What more could you ask for?
I love the friendship between Ellie and Braydon. It's so easy and fun. There was some emotional moments, but for the most part this was a light and sexy read!I am going to miss this group of characters though!  Kendall Ryan never disappoints! 
**ARC was provided via the Publisher in exchange for an honest review**

4 Stars!!!!

About the Author: 

Romance author. Shamelessly addicted to bad boys, kissing and steamy romance novels brimming with dark, angsty tension.
Twitter: kendallryan1

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