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Release Day: Give Me You by Caisey Quinn

Give Me You by Caisey Quinn is NOW LIVE!

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Corin Connelly left her past far behind her in New York City. Along with her mother and an ex-boyfriend who had no plans to let her go. Starting over in college in California seemed like a vacation in paradise compared to her old life, and if anyone needs a fresh start, it's her. But her new roommate has a life-threatening secret, and soon paradise becomes even more intense than New York. When she loses a bet to the university soccer team's star goalie, Skylar Martin, he claims a prize she didn't ever plan to give him.
A weekend in her hometown.
Skylar Martin is used to getting what he wants. Growing up in a world of privilege has made his life easy, which is exactly how he likes his women. But when a feisty redhead tells him no, he becomes determined to figure out what makes her tick. And what she's hiding.
Spending a weekend together will change everything they think they know about each other. The closer they become, the harder it is to hide the mistakes they thought they'd left behind--mistakes that will stand in the way of what they both want.
Corin and Skylar will have to stop hiding from the darkness in their pasts if they want a bright future together. But how can you love someone if you can't forgive them?

My Review
I loved reading Skylar and Corin's story. It wasn't an easy story to get through at times because of the things these two go through, but at the end of it all these two came out stronger than they had begun.

If you have read Keep Me Still that you know that Corin is Layla's roommate turned best friend and Skylar is Landen's roommate/teammate/best friend. I'll admit it has been a LONG time since I read KMS, but in a way I think it made Skylar and Corin's story better because I was able to just focus on them and wasn't worried about if things lined up correctly, or what Layla and Landen were up to. I got to focus on these two and their story.

 Call me childish, but I fucking love butterflies. Love them. First of all, they're gorgeous. Second of all, they don't sting, bite, shit, or need to be fed or watered.

Corin hasn't had an easy life. She grew up in New York with a mom who is basically a prostitute, and she found herself dating a complete douchebag. She decides one day that she needs a change. She needs to take charge of her life, this lands her in SoCal where she meets Layla and through meeting her and Landen, she meets Skylar. She knows from the beginning that Skylar is the kind of guy she has vowed to steer clear of. She moved to California to start over clean, not to keep repeating the same mistakes. 

She's East Coast and I'm West Coast, but maybe Corin Connelly and I aren't all that different after all.

Skylar from the outside has had an easy life. He comes from money and has always had girls at his disposable. But his parents were kind of absent and unless it benefited them, they just didn't make time for him.  Skylar meets Corin and she becomes the one girl he can't get. A friendship is formed and from that a bet. Corin won't open up to him on any level and that bothers Skylar. But if he wins the bet, they get to go to New York to see who Corin is. 

There is so much that happens in this book and I almost feel like it needs a two part review. Like a before and during New York, to an after New York. Skylar and Corin lay everything on the line and it isn't pretty. Things happen that affect them both, deeply. There were times I was so upset with them both, and times I wanted to cry. The one thing I loved the most about this book was how much they both grew. There are situations in this book that I thought for sure would be super angsty but they grew. That's all I'll say. I loved Corin and Skylar and the love they have for each other. I love how this novella became so much more, because these two had to share their whole story or things just wouldn't have made sense. 

4.5 stars!!!!

***ARC provided via the author in exchange for my honest review! Thank you!***

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About the Author

Caisey Quinn lives in Nashville, Tennessee with her vivacious six-year-old daughter. She is the bestselling author of the Neon Dreams series (Avon/William Morrow) and the Kylie Ryans series as well as several New Adult and Contemporary Romance novels. You can find her online at and Tweeting entirely too often as @CaiseyQuinn. 

She is represented by Kevan Lyon of the Marsal Lyon Literary Agency.
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