Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Random Ramblings

I haven't written a random post in a while. Everything has been cover reveals or some sort of tour. So I decided to switch it up a bit today. Why you may ask? Well, I've been thinking. Scary, right? However, it is something I do daily. 

I'm going to get started by asking a question. What is YOUR story? As bloggers and readers we have the ability to live not one life, but hundreds and sometimes thousands of lives. Which is amazing and one of the things I love about reading the most. I love that I can "live" through all of these different characters in all kinds of different situations and even worlds. Reading is a way to escape life and is a healthy outlet, in my opinion. Maybe it is just me, but sometimes I think it is easy to become so swept away in these other worlds that we forget that we are living our own story right now. So that brings me to the aforementioned question. What is YOUR story? 

I have been guilty of reading a book and wondering what it would be like if that was my life. Would I have made different decisions? Or would I have done exactly the same thing? I ask myself is my love like that love? I think these are normal thoughts, but I think sometimes you have to pull back and see your own life as your own story. 

It's easy to look back on your life and see it as boring or not as amazing as your favorite book. But what if you step back and start looking at your life as if it was a book? One that is being written every day? Maybe it's just me and I'm a little crazy today. That's okay. It happens. But as I sit here and think back about my life and the struggles I have been through, I realize that I am living my very own book. And you know what? I think it is my favorite. It has a lot of things that I love reading about and some things that I hate reading. It's easy to have regrets in life. But I think that we need to remember that our life is just our story and we are the authors of our own books. And it will be messy and imperfect, but it will our story and that is what makes it the best one. 

If you have read this far then thank you. I just wanted to be random today and though I totally don't make sense on here, I do in my head! :) That's all that matters right? Enjoy writing your story for the day. Just remember it's beautiful even when it's imperfect because it makes you who you are. 

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