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Release Day: Black Lies by Alessandra Torre


Title: Black Lies
Author: Alessandra Torre
Genre: Erotic Romance
Releasing: August 25th
Cover Photo: Lauren Watson-Perry, Perrywinkle Photography
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Brant: Became a tech billionaire by his twentieth birthday. Has been in a relationship with me for 3 years. Has proposed 4 times. Been rejected 4 times.

Lee: Cuts grass when he’s not banging housewives. Good with his hands, his mouth, and his cock. Has been pursued relentlessly by me for almost 2 years, whether he knows it or not.

 I love 2 men. I want 2 men. If you think you’ve heard this story before, trust me – you haven’t

My Review

Wow. I think this is my favorite book Alessandra Torre has written. I didn't want it to end. When I first started reading, from the Prologue, part of me wondered if it was going to be similar to Sex.Love.Repeat. But I was way off. Yes, it involves being in love with two men and essentially screwing both. And yes, I found myself loving both. But the similarities end there. The plot of this book was amazing. 

Go ahead. Judge me. You have no idea what my love entails. 

I love two men. 
I fuck two men.

 If you think you've heard this story before, you haven't.

Let me just take a minute to say how much I love Alessandra's writing. I don't know how she does it. But whenever I read one of her books it's like I become part of the story. It doesn't even feel like I am reading it. She has a way of making you feel like you are living it. That you are the one having these thoughts, telling the story. Does that make sense? Or do I sound a little crazy? Either way that's how I felt reading Black Lies.

 This book has more than one or two things that draw you in, it's a multitude of things. Every twist and turn in this book had me on the edge of my seat. Trying to figure out Brant's secret. Dying to learn more about Lee.Trying to see if I could guess who Layana would choose. Then after guessing the secret and then having it confirmed so many more questions arose. Black Lies is so much more than an Erotica book. There is sex. Hot steamy sex.The sex plays an important role in the book. But the story is so much more. This book had so many twists and turns and surprises. This isn't anything you are expecting. Word of advice, if you think this isn't your type of book because of what it entails give it a chance. You may be surprised to see that you love it. 

  True love makes a person reckless, makes them take risks and make sacrifices. True love tests the boundaries of our person, makes us yearn to be better and fight for the ground we stand on. I will fight for this love. Lie for it. Steal for it. It is worthy of that. 

About The Author:

Alessandra Torre is a USA Today Bestselling author who focuses on contemporary erotica. Her first book, Blindfolded Innocence, was published in July 2012, and was an Erotica #1 Bestseller for two weeks.

Alessandra lives in the gulf coast of Florida and is married, with one young child. She enjoys reading, spending time with her family, and playing with her dogs. Her favorite authors include Lisa Gardner, Gillian Flynn, and Jennifer Crusie.

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