Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Top Favorite Authors. Be warned it is long winded :)

I know normally I just post reviews, covers and such. So I thought I would switch it up a little bit and mention a few of my favorite authors.

As we all know the Indie/Self-pubbed world is exploding! So many amazing authors are starting out this way and several have now gotten their books picked up by publishers. I have always been an avid reader but before ebook times I was only reading what was on the shelf in stores. I will go ahead and admit at first I didn't think I would like ebooks/eReaders. *GASP* I know, right? I loved having the physical copy of the book in my hands and thought that eReaders were a waste.(Crazy I know!) But I am more than happy to report that I wouldn't trade my eReaders for anything now! Without the eBook world I would have missed out on so many amazing books, book boyfriends, and authors! Nowadays the majority of the books I read are from self-published authors, or those that started out that way. My Nook and now my Kindle have become my main source of reading. Oh trust me I can still spend hour upon hour in the store looking at books. However now I get a little giddy when I see titles on the shelves from some of these amazing authors that made the transition from online only,whether eBook format or ordering online, in the store. It is kind of funny how ridiculously happy it makes me feel for these amazing authors to see their work out there in stores now. Not all of my favorites have made it out there on shelves yet, but I have no doubt in my mind if they wanted to be in stores they could. This brings me to my Will-Buy-ANYTHING- they put out authors.
These are in no particular order. Just know that anything these ladies write, and I mean anything,I will not hesitate to buy. Because I know they will be good. Heck I don't even need a blurb. I just know that I will love it, because time after time I am blown away with what they have written. Their words stick with me, their stories grab me from the get go and don't let go.

Caisey Quinn- The first book I ever read by Caisey was her debut novel Girl with Guitar, from just that novel alone she had me hooked with her writing style. Her characters and their stories draw me in and I devour every word written. I know when going into one of her novels I will not be disappointed. I can't pick a favorite character or couple. I love them all. I feel for them all. Fall in love with every book boyfriend. Trace from the Kylie Ryans series is a jerk, but I be damned if I don't find myself half in love with him not even halfway through the book. An let's not forget Landen from the Keep Me Still series. It's so easy to fall in love with him. I am drawn to characters like him so often. Caisey's books often make you go through every emotion imaginable as well. I love a book that does that to me!

Elizabeth Lee- Shattered was the first Elizabeth Lee book I read. As much as I loved that novel every book she has written since then gets better than the last, I don't know how she does it. It is so hard for me to choose a favorite from her list. They are all so good. Her stories have had me rooting for the bad guy, finding myself relating to a con artist. How crazy is that? I fully think she has the power to take a character that one would instantly hate and make you feel like you were them. Her female lead, Lila, in Give Me Something  is the type of character when you read about in the blurb, you ask yourself "Am I even going to like this girl?" Yes. Yes I am. Oh and this woman knows how to write a book boyfriend. Cole Pritchett anyone? Yes, please! In case you find yourself wanting to meet him you can find him in Escaping Me. You're welcome.

** I need to add that in addition to how much I love Caisey and Elizabeth's work individually, I also love what these two write together. Their joint stories,one book at this time, flows so good. They really compliment each other in their writing style. Separate these two ladies are amazing, put them together? Their writing is phenomenal. I didn't think it was possible for their writing to be any better but they continue to amaze me. Though I have never doubted their talent. They have never given me a reason to. :)

Karina Halle- She is the perfect example for I will read absolutely anything she writes. There is no question in my mind about buying one of her books. Her stories will grab you by the balls, uhm ovaries? ;) The Artist Trilogy was the first series I ever read by her.It was mystery, romance and lies all in one. Oh and a hot, sexy male lead with tattoos. Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard!  Anyways- after I finished that series I needed more from her! This is where I found myself looking into something a little different for me because Karina also writes horror. Now I don't read horror, but I fell in love with her writing style so I picked up the first book in her Experiment in Terror Series. She scared me shitless and had me buying the next book in the same breath. I couldn't get enough of Dex and Perry and all the scary shit they went through. That led to her next series, which is not only Horror but is also set back in the 70's. Once again, I was hooked. Now for the final nail in the coffin so to speak in my will read anything by her speech, her newest standalone book Donners of the Dead is pretty much a (horror) historical novel, it is set in the 1800s! I NEVER read historical novels. NEVER EVER. But damn if I didn't love that book too.

Rachel Van Dyken- The thing I adore the most about Rachel's writing is the humor. Her books are nowhere near as steamy as the authors I mentioned above. But that in no way takes away from the amazing writing in her stories. I find myself so wrapped up in their lives that I don't even care if I don't get the detailed version of the sexy times, which is a big deal because let's face it, I love a good steamy read as much as the next person. But her storyline and characters are just so amazing that I don't even miss it! I haven't read everything she has out yet, but I plan to. Whether you need a good laugh, or even some mystery, she has you covered. Want to read about some hot rockers? Then pick up her Seaside Series. Want a mafia style mystery with some very smoking hot, jerkface tattooed cuties? Then her Eagle Elite Series has you covered. Need something light and hilarious, and I mean laughing so hard you are crying hilarious, then The Bet Series has without a doubt got you covered. Go meet Grandma! She also has the ability to rip your heart out and make you wonder if you can put it back together with her Ruin Series. Basically I love her writing.

Tessa Teevan- Tessa is a new self pubbed author. But I have enjoyed everything she has written. Let me tell you, this woman can write. She gets these novels out so fast, but they are SO good! She is a writing machine! As of right now she has 11 books up on Goodreads. ELEVEN y'all! Granted most of these are still being written but I know I am anxiously awaiting each and every single one of them. The thing I love about Tessa's writing is how authentic each and every story is. How even though the stories she has out right now tackle serious issues, they also inject humor as well. Life is sometimes funny even when it shouldn't be. Her characters have a way of always finding the silver lining and it is something I enjoy everytime. And her book boyfriends are hot and kind. Okay well Jace is. Knox, ah Knox, he is an asshole but damn I love him. I love his cockiness,weird right? But it works on him, once you uncover his story.  Plus he is a Tennessee boy, since I am from Tennessee I am a little partial. ;) Her book boyfriends are going to have to start fighting each other for the position of my favorite by her.

Krista and Becca Ritchie- These two are without a doubt responsible for writing was has become one of my favorite series EVER. As well as the spin offs. Their Addicted Series just reached in and grabbed me by the heart. I don't think there has ever been a book that goes so in depth and is so realistic when handling addictions. You go in thinking you are going to basically get an erotica type of novel. Sex addict? Sure tons of sex. But what you really get is so much more. What these two give you is more than real. It makes you rethink everything you ever thought about addictions. Sex addiction in particular. I am not going to lie, most women will go into this story expecting to hate Lily, expecting to think she is a whore. Harsh I know, but it's true. But not even halfway in your heart will break for her. These two have the ability to make you feel everything for these characters. It is like they become your loved ones. You hurt for them and would bend over backwards if you could just fix them. This is for EVERY main character in this series, including the ones in the spin offs. I know I will read everything they write and chances are it will be a 5 star rating. Their ability to make me connect that much with their characters is what makes them one of my Favorite Authors.

Colleen Hoover- I am fairly new to her writing but have at this time read everything she has out. Her writing is on a whole different level. At least it is in her Slammed series. The Slam Poetry alone in those books touched me. I fell in love with a whole new style of writing. Of every thing I have read by her this series is so far my favorite. Her Hopeless Series is just as good too, but it grabs you in a different way. Both will put you through the emotional ringer. I'm not kidding. Prepare with tissues and expect to get mad. Angry, denial, heartbroken. Yep, you will experience all that in her novels. You have been warned.

Are you still reading? Or did I lose you? I really didn't intend for this post to be so long. But like I said these ladies are without a doubt my favorite authors. It is hard not to gush about their novels. I want everyone to be able to read them and fall in love with their writing just as I have. They are all very different in their own ways. But the thing they all have in common? Their stories all have the power to suck you in. Every book I have read by any of these ladies has always made me feel. My emotions were all over the place with every single one of them. Whether it was bliss, sadness, or hanging on for dear life, these women accomplished making me feel like these stories were my own. Their characters became my best friend, myself,my family. Every one of these characters pain became my own. To me being able to evoke that kind of emotion from your reader is the mark of a damn good author. So I guess it would be more accurate to title this my list of Damn Good Authors. :)

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