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REVIEW: At Any Price by Brenna Aubrey

                                                   At Any Price (Gaming the System, #1)
                                                      At Any Price (Gaming the System #1)

BLURB: Achievement Unlocked: Geek Virgin

When Mia Strong, proud geek-girl and popular gaming blogger, auctions off her virginity online, she knows she'll make waves. But what she will not be making is a love connection. Her rules are set in stone: One night. No further contact.

It's a desperate step, but it's the only way she can go to medical school and pay her mother's mounting hospital bills.

Difficulty Level: Millionaire CEO 

Adam Drake, the enigmatic auction winner, is a software prodigy who made his first million at seventeen. Now, in his mid-twenties, he's sexy, driven and--as CEO of his own gaming company--he's used to making the rules. Before Mia knows what's happening, he's found the loophole in the rules of her auction. Every stipulation she's made to protect her heart gets tossed by the wayside.

She can't tell if he's playing her...or if he's playing for keeps.

This New Adult book is intended for readers over the age of 18 due to adult language, sexual content and adult situations.

My Review

I have read a story similar to this one and thought for sure they would be alike. Which would of been okay because I liked the other one too. But I am pleased to say aside from auctioning of her virginity the similarities differ. Though a few major points in the book I figured out before the reveal I still enjoyed this book. I look forward to continuing the story of Mia and Adam.

Mia Strong is a self proclaimed geek girl who not only plays the video games but also blogs about them. But don't let that throw you off, she's still a beautiful girl who loves to run and is studying to retake the MCATS to start medical school. Therein lies the problem. Medical School. How is she supposed to pay for it? She works constantly, plays her games and writes her blog, PLUS studying. Her bright idea? To take control of what is hers. She owns her hymen, no one else does. Women and their virginity has been given away for as long as time. Given away when they didn't always want but for dowry. Men back in the day paid a lot for a virgin. So she figures why not just sale it off herself? her best friend Heath, doesn't think it's a good idea but supports her and makes sure he screens the man completely. In fact he is in charge in choosing the match for her. He finds what he thinks is the perfect match. After all it's just one night.

Adam Drake is the hot, rich, sexy as sin business man that meets all of Mia's requirements. He owns Draco Enterprises. Self taught, self made millionaire. Hot geeky guy? Yes, please. 
From their first meeting sparks fly. They have chemistry alright, but Adam is also a bit of an ass at first. But really I think he was just testing Mia. After all if you can't talk about sex should you be doing it?

This was supposed to be a one time thing. But what happens if you start to want more? Both have their own secrets. The more they slowly begin to confide in one another the harder it becomes to part ways. Past secrets come out, worlds collide, can they withstand everything that is thrown out at them? Where does it all leave them? Well READ IT to find out! I for one cannot wait for the rest of the serie



About the Author:

Brenna AubreyBrenna Aubrey is an author of New Adult contemporary romance stories that center on geek culture. Her debut novel, AT ANY PRICE, releases in December, 2013.

She has always sought comfort in good books and the long, involved stories she weaves in her head. Brenna's favorite author is Jane Austen and favorite novel is PERSUASION. 

Brenna is a city girl with a nature-lover’s heart. She therefore finds herself out in green open spaces any chance she can get. A mommy to two little kids and teacher to many more older kids, she juggles schedules to find time to pursue her love of storycrafting. 

She currently resides on the west coast with her husband, two children, two adorable golden retriever pups, two birds and some fish.

Brenna’s short story “The Love Letter” was the Grand Prize winner of the JANE AUSTEN MADE ME DO IT Short Story Contest. As such, it was included in the anthology of the same name (Ballantine, 2011)

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